i've been up all night with dead people!

callie is from winnipeg, manitoba, canada
& filmmaking. visual art and quiet existence.

I started another blog,

and on that one I will post my art, music, video stuff, things i make etc. please follow it! I won’t post here anymore at all. (:


actually might feel sorta sick.

she is thrown off for the remainder of her evening. she feels distant and strange and when she tried to grab for her plastic cup full of gin and soda she flinched and dumped it all over her jeans. 

leaving for quebec city via train

w my boyfriend in tow. hm. bye!

this is the first lyk promo photo for my jewellery and headwear stuff. this little crown is for Daisy Lola! 

sassy right?
holy shi
i need very badly for it to be spring so i can walk outside without wearing tights or pants or ANY kind of constricting leg-wear. hurry up snow, melt already. 
i took that photo in september of 2009. doesn’t seem so long ago. 

so i briefly chatted with Toby Enstrom today.

he is very kind, but so stern. i gave him a cupcake and i think it made his morning.

i realize that my blog has become a (steadily declining) homage to my relationship with matthew filopoulos.

oh well. i’m a loser with nothing better to.

jk. i finally have a few days off and i just got paid 800$.
i’m off to go buy a harp and take photos of me playing it l0l cute 

lisaaaa you’re tearing me apart


Sometimes when I’m watching my weird psychosexual dramas and the noises get really loud, I try to laugh boisterously so that my roommate is aware I’m not watching porn at a frankly bold volume in the mid afternoon.

oh joshua.

holy fuuuuuuuuu

i’ve been offered a spot in a certain musicians band for his album release show/tour. i am gonna pee my pants.